Caney Valley’s Blake Yauneridge – Athlete Spotlight Presented By ConocoPhillips

By Derrick Smith

Success is one thing that most athletes share as a goal. No matter what level they play, each athlete puts in the work in order to be called a champion. Blake Yauneridge says that the success that he has enjoyed was earned with hard work.

“It has taken a lot of hard work to be successful,” he said. “It’s taken countless hours of doing the little things and making sure I’m doing them right. I’ve embraced the process that coach Cramer has put before the whole team. If it wasn’t for my hardworking teammates pushing me then I wouldn’t be where I am.”

Yauneridge is a junior at Caney Valley High School. He plays second base for the Trojans’ baseball team, but can play just about any position on the field.

There have been different people that Blake has looked up to throughout his career, but he says that there is one person who has always pushed him to keep working. “My grandfather would have to be my biggest influence,” he stated. “He’s been there for me since I could remember. He’s always pushed me to do better on the field and off the field. My teammates have been a big influence on me as well, they always set a good example for everyone to follow.”

Blake has had some highlight moments through his career, but he says that his most memorable moments have been when the team enjoys success. “I don’t really have a highlight moment that stands out to me,” he said. “Personally they all mean the same to me. The biggest highlights to me are when we as a team push each other to get better each and every day. I love seeing us come together and work hard and pick each other up.”