Locust Grove’s Jake Walkingstick – Character Counts Presented By Hookers Sports Grill

Awarded the Locust Grover Character Counts Award, Jake Walkingstick feels pretty amazing. “I always try really hard to show good sportsmanship on and off the court,” said Jake. Jake is a senior and has been involved in basketball since he started walking. Jake has played several different positions for the team over his high school career including the four and five spots along with the guard position. 

Jake’s motivation comes from the people he chooses to surround himself with everyday. “All my friends and family is what motivates me to work hard. Winning is the other thing that motivates me to work hard,” Jake said. Keeping a good attitude comes easy for this senior athlete because of those people who give him that constant support and reassurance. “It’s easy to keep a positive attitude even when things get tough because I have a lot of faith in my teammates. We have played a lot of basketball together and I I know what they are all capable of,” said Jake. 

Game day is Jake’s favorite part of the sport. “Game day is where everyone gets to see the hard work I’ve put in,” Jake said. Jake is looking forward to the playoffs this season. “I think we will surprise a lot of people.” 

Basketball teaches many life lessons and Jake has learned all about them. “Basketball has taught me that nothing is handed to you. No matter what you do you always have to try your hardest,” said Jake. 

As for school Jake is like most seniors, counting down the days until graduation. 


-Ember McElrath