Pryor’s Ryne Freeman – Athlete of the Month Presented by Rhett Minson State Farm

By Derrick Smith

Success requires a lot of work and effort. You cannot just show up on game day and expect to just show up and win. You have to put the time in at practice and even when practice is over, practice some more. Ryne Freeman says he sees four main parts to achieving success.

“First you have to put in the hard work,” he stated. “Then you have to follow that up with effort and extra work. Lastly, you have to have heart or you will give up way to soon.”

Freeman, a senior, is a member of the Pryor High School basketball, baseball, and unified volleyball teams. He has played baseball for fourteen years, basketball for eleven years, and last season was his first of volleyball.

There is a person in Ryne’s life that he looks up to as a role model.

“Coach Hall is one of my biggest influences,” he said. “He is the assistant varsity basketball coach and he coaches the junior high teams as well. His first year at Pryor was my seventh grade year and he has always been there for Trapper Gilstrap, Blair Scroggins, and myself.”

Along with being his role model, Hall is also Freeman’s favorite teacher.

“He has taught me how to be tough, humble and how to work together as a team,” he said. “I really appreciate all he has done.”

There are a few highlight moments for Ryne in his athletic career.

“We won state championships in baseball and in Unified Volleyball,” he said. “I also won the MVP award at the Jerry O’Quinn basketball tournament.”

Outside of athletics, Freeman also helps with the Backpack Program, a program that helps provide food to elementary kids that are in need for the weekend. He is also interning at Roosevelt Elementary and helping Coach Harlow coach physical education for kindergarteners and first graders.