Nowata’s Mark Price – Character Counts Presented by Arvest Bank

By Derrick Smith

When you play a team sport, each member of the team is expected to do their part or play their role. Some roles may be bigger than others, but each role comes together to create the team and that is how you become successful. Mark Price, a senior at Nowata High School, has a phrase that he follows that helps him remember to do his part.

“Put God first,” he said. “Pray like it depends on God and play like it depends on you.”

Price is a member of the Ironmen basketball and golf teams. On the hardwood he plays, shooting guard. He began playing basketball when he was in the sixth grade and has played it since. 

The influence of different men in his life is what has made Mark into the person and athlete he is today. 

“I look up to my older brothers, Luke and Matt, my dad, and my coach,” he said. “They have taught me to always do the right thing and they have shown me how to work hard for whatever I want.”

The highlight of Price’s career is when he set a school record during a game.

“I hit ten three-pointers in playoff game during my sophomore year,” he said. “It felt really awesome to be able to do something like that with the help of all my teammates.”

Mark’s favorite teacher is one that taught him more than just the lessons in the books.

“Mrs. Fraizer is my favorite teacher,” he said. “She taught me to respect others and to work hard to achieve my goals.”

Sports is something that helps Price in his everyday life as well.

“I like to play basketball because it helps me with my work ethic.”

Outside of sports, Mark is also a member of the Nowata High School Bible Club. He also leads the youth worship at his church.