Inola’s Trevor Mora – Northeast Tech Athlete of the Month

By Ryan Stone

Trevor Mora is a senior at Inola High School and is enrolled in the Home Automation program at the Northeast Technology Center. He also plays football as a linebacker for Inola. After some time, off Mora has been satisfied with his first season back.

“I’ve done pretty good for my first year back in a while, I didn’t play as a junior or a freshman so had to get back acclimated, but things have gone well,” said Mora.

In his first season back Mora has helped lead Inola to a 5-3 record so far. He also plans to wrestle at 152 pounds this Winter and says he’ll be giving it 100 percent after some down performances as a sophomore and junior.

Mora has really enjoyed the start of his first year in the Home Automation program at Northeast Tech.

“I really like the class my interest in it right splicing fiber optic cable,” said Mora, “it makes decent money and to me it’s not that hard to do. Also, it’s kind of interesting as well and I like learning new things.”

The program also offers a variety of useful skills according to Mora, including how to put speaker systems in a car, how to set up fire alarms, soldering, gardening automation and how to put work on and put together computers.

Mora is also a standout in the classroom boasting a 3.8 non-weighted GPA. After high school he is considering going to college in Maryland for brick masonry. Trevor says he’s interested in brick masonry because of the opportunity to travel and make good money.