Adair’s Tobie Cooper – Mom of the Month Presented by Red Crown Credit Union

Adair mom Tobie Cooper said the things she loves most about watching her daughter play basketball is her passion for the game, her leadership, and her drive.

“Chasee Jo is a senior this year,” Cooper said. “Baseketball is her love, but she was in cross country, track, and she played softball also. She tore her ACL last year in softball, so she was out in basketball which was tough on her. But she is playing again this year.” 

Sitting out during a championship year was tough on Chasee, Cooper said, but it was tough on momma as well. 

“When your child is hurt and can’t play the sport they love, it’s tough,” she said. “But watching her make the best of that made me so proud. She coached her teammates and encouraged them as they won the state championship. She was a leader, and a she’s a true warrior in my eyes. She is everything a parent wants in their children. God blessed us with both of our children.” 

Cooper freely admits to being the “loud mom,” when she’s on the sidelines or in the bleachers. 

“It’s so exciting,” Cooper said. “They have a great group of senior girls that are fun and amazing to watch. I love her grit and her grace. I love who she is and her kind heart. She never has to be told to do something, she just does it, and whether she is shooting hoops or showing hogs, she gives it her all. From the time she could walk, she was dribbling a basketball, but she’s always been a natural in any sport. She’s very competitive.”