Kansas’ Jacob Jones – Northeast Tech Athlete of the Month

By Ryan Stone

Jacob Jones is a senior at Kansas High School and is in the welding program at Northeast Technology Center. He also plays on the football team as a guard and defensive end.

“Our season could be going better, we have a lot of talent just haven’t put it altogether at times, when we put it altogether, we’ve played well,” said Jones.

Despite the teams struggles at times Jones has managed to put together a solid season so far.

“I’ve had a fairly good season,” said Jones, “I’m on track for my goals this season which were 60 tackles and five sacks, I’m also a captain on offense so must keep everyone in line.”

Jones has learned a lot in his time in the welding program at Northeast Tech.

“Our teacher Mr. Gaskins is a good guy and is always there to help you if you need him, he treats you as a young adult and does his best to prepare us. He’s brought me a long way just as far as welding and teaching me about the welding field, he’s taught me new techniques to make me more successful and he really teaches everyday about the importance of hard work because nothing comes easy and he just really wants us to be prepared for the real world,” said Jones.

Jacob is already putting his skills to work welding on farms during the weekends.

Jones is also a standout in the classroom with a 3.87 GPA. He’s involved in powerlifting, FFA, FCA, Beta Club and is on the skeet shooting team. After high school he plans on trying to walk on for football somewhere. He already has academic scholarships.