Foyil’s Caleb Lentz – Oklahoma Army National Guard Spotlight

A graduate of Foyil High School, Caleb Lentz joined the Oklahoma Army National Guard because they offered to help pay for college. 

“I joined Oklahoma Army National guard to help financially with college,” said Lentz. “During the recruiting process I was kind of nervous at first but then everything panned out and went smooth.” 

The former Foyil student-athlete played football, basketball, baseball and ran track while in school. 

“I played all sports from seventh grade on up to my senior year,” said Lentz. “I was an All-District defensive back my senior year for football.”

Being an athlete helped Lentz push through the riggers of basic training. 

“Being an athlete definitely helped me through basic. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Basic was a breeze. I had no problem with the physical part,” said Lentz. 

Lentz attended basic training at Fort Benning in Georgia, graduating on September 7th, then he finished his AIT (Advanced Individual Training) on October 11th. Next fall, Lentz plans to attend college and pursue a bachelor’s degree. 

“I will be attending college fall of 2020 at Rogers State University to get my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice,” Lentz said. 

His current job in the Oklahoma Army National Guard is Infantry. 

“I chose Infantry as my job. I wanted to have a challenge,” said Lentz. 

His great grandfather served in the U.S. Navy and Lentz even looked at the United States Marine Corps, but decided the Army National Guard was the right choice for him after another friend joined the guard. 

“My buddy talked me into joining the guard, so they guard it was,” said Lentz. “It’s one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. It was definitely worth all the training. It feels great to be an Infantryman for the Oklahoma National Guard. 

His advice to future recruits? 

“Don’t ever doubt yourself. Having the honor to serve this country is a blessing.”