Salina’s Elizabeth Hope – Character Counts Presented by Hooker’s Sports Grill

By John Abernathy 

Salina High School senior Elizabeth Hope is a varsity volleyball player for head coach Mindy Butcher. Hope, a six-year veteran of the sport, also plays other sports for the Wildcats between making her grades hanging out with friends.

“I participate in cheerleading, basketball, track, slow-pitch softball, and archery,” said Hope. “What I love most about volleyball is the positive energy that is spread around the court and the excitement everyone has when either me or my teammates make a good play.”

The bond the team has is a strong one and Hope believes it helps the team be successful overall.

“What I love most about my teammates is their encouragement and their positive vibes. They all picked each other up when someone got down and I love seeing that on the court,” said Hope. 

Academics are important to Hope, even though she admits her favorite class is athletics.

“Academics are very important to me especially since I am an athlete,” said Hope. “I want to go play college volleyball and I want to study Psychology.”

Playing ball at Salina High School is preparing Hope for that next step. She loves the encouragement her and her teammates receive from their schoolmates and community.

“SHS is such a great place to be a student-athlete because you get support from all your teachers and classmates. Teachers help you be the best you can be. Classmates encourage you,” said Hope. “My family and friends have been a big influence in my life because they have encouraged me all through tour high school and they have supported me 24/7.” 

In her free time Hope enjoys taking naps, eating her favorite foods, bothering her mother and hanging out with Courtney, her “bestie.”