Locust Grove’s Kelby Bradley – Character Counts Presented by Roberts Auto Center

By E.L. Heath

Locust Grove High School varsity volleyball player Kelby Bradley loves being a student-athlete at LGHS for many reasons, one of which is the support the athletic teams receive from the faculty and the student body. 

“Locust Grove is a great place to be a student-athlete because of the students, teachers, and coaches. The students are very friendly and encouraging, the teachers help me in any way I need them, and the coaches are always there for me and better me in any way they can,” said Bradley. 

A volleyball player for five years, Bradley is passionate about the sport and her teammates.

“I’ve played volleyball for five years,” said Bradley. “I love the energy and enthusiasm of the sport. What I love most about my team is the commitment to every practice and game.” 

As a student, Bradley is involved in many activities outside of athletics. Her clubs include NASA, and Class Officers. She also plays soccer in the spring. 

“My academics are very important to me. I work very hard and push myself to have the best grades I can have. When I graduate I plan on becoming a phlebotomist,” said Bradley.

Her favorite subject in school is U.S. History because Bradley said her teacher makes the class fun. Bradley enjoys spending time with family and her pets when she has some free time. Bradley said her parents have been big influences on and off the court. 

“My mom and stepdad have encouraged me and pushed me to do my best in everything I do. They’re always there when I’m having a bad day or bad game.”