Claremore’s Thomas Mason – Academic Athlete of the Month Presented by Roberts Auto Center

An 11-year veteran of the gridiron, Claremore High School’s Thomas Mason has made a name for himself on the Zebra defense. A starting defensive end, Mason is known for his quickness and ability to get to the opposing teams quarterback. “I like my position because I feel it puts me in the best position the field to make a play,” said Mason. 

The bond he shares with his teammates is a strong one, which is a big reason he expects the team to do well this season. “I love that me and my team have been playing together for almost my whole life, so it makes the chemistry of our team really jive,” said Mason. “We are a very athletic team whose been playing together for our whole lives so our first goal is district because we haven’t won in 20 years then once we have obtained that, state is on our radar.”

A member of National Honor Society, FCA and the Young Republicans Club, Mason is focused on making good grades and continuing his education at the next level. “My coach puts it really well, I apply the “4 F’s” to my life: Faith, family, future, and then football. So naturally my academics come first. I do well in school so come college time, I don’t have to rely on my athletics to put me in a good position to succeed in college,” said Mason. 

But his coach is not the only person giving him life lessons. Mason said his father is probably the most influential person in his life. “My biggest inspiration in life is definitely my father, he had taught me not only how to be an athlete but how to be a man and how to treat people with a certain amount of respect,” said Mason. 

From the gridiron to the classroom, Thomas Mason is making all the right moves for a successful future.