Welch’s Nathan Beaty – Northeast Tech Athlete of the Month

By Chandler Englebrecht 

Nathan Beaty keeps a busy schedule. The senior from Welch High School is a dual-sport athlete, he plays basketball, baseball, track and football. In football, he plays QB, TE and CB for the Wildcats. Simply put, he’ll do whatever it takes to get on the field. On top of all of that, Beaty also takes classes concurrently at the Northeast Tech where he studies Construction Trade. “I wanted to learn a trade that would help me later on in life,” he said. “I like to work with my hands so construction was the class that I picked and I am loving every moment of it.”

Beaty was named the Northeast Tech Student of the Month in August. He spoke highly about the program which awarded him the honor. “I like Northeast Tech because I can watch a project start from nothing and become something amazing,” Beaty said. “Other students should join the program because we have an awesome instructor and they will learn so much that they can also use in their future.”

Northeast Tech offers three main areas of training – full-day and half-day classes for both high school and adult students, short-term evening and weekend classes in a  multitude of topics, and lastly training for all workforce needs, from safety and industry training to small business consulting. Beaty says the institution gives him the opportunity to pursue his dreams. “My sophomore year, I toured the campus, and thought the carpentry program looked like something I would really like to try.” he said. “I want to build my own house one day and get a job at Crosland when I get out of school … I can learn to do that here.”

Thanks to Northeast Tech, students like Nathan Beaty can learn first-hand how to master their respective crafts before they even enter the workforce.