Salina’s Justin Budds – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Red Crown Credit Union

In 2018, Salina High School football player Justin Budds began to make a name for himself especially on the defensive side of the ball. The 5-foot-11, 205-pound senior also played some running back as a junior. He rushed for nearly 400 yards on 86 carries. This season he is expected to be the featured back while still playing linebacker on defense. The eight year veteran of the gridiron said he loves the challenge as a leader on this team. “As a leader it means that I have teammates that will look up to me and I can lead by example,” said Budds. “What I love most about my teammates is that we always bring each other up an we play as a team an not an individual.” 

The Battle for 82 is a rivalry game against Locust Grove and one Budds is always ready to play. This season the Wildcats will go on the road to Locust Grove. But football isn’t the only thing Budds is involved in at or away from school. He enjoys fishing with his dad when they both get some free time and upon graduation, Budds plan is to go to work. His father has been a big influence in his life on and off the football field. 

Budds is proud to be a Salina Wildcat and he appreciates all of the support the fans and faculty give the players on Friday nights. “The teaching an coaching staff are great at Salina High School and they will always be there for you and will help you succeed and cheer you on during game nights,” said Budds. 

This season the Wildcats will play host to Afton, Chelsea, Kansas, Chouteau and Metro Christian. Be sure to catch the action as Budds and the Wildcats make a run for a spot in the playoffs.