Oklahoma Union’s Maddy McKinney – Volleyball Spotlight Presented by Roberts Auto Center

By Derrick Smith

The best thing about success is seeing that all the work and time that you put in has paid off. And it does take a lot of hard work and time to be a successful athlete. Maddy McKinney says it is about more than just practice. 

“It takes staying after practice to get extra reps, consistently lifting weights to get stronger, and having teammates and coaches who are willing to work just as hard.”

McKinney is a senior at Oklahoma Union High School, where she is a member of the volleyball, basketball, and track teams. 

She says that finishing in the top two of the Northeastern Oklahoma Volleyball Poll shows how much community support her school has. “It means that I have a great community that is always ready to take time to support me, along with any kid from Oklahoma Union.”

Maddy’s coaches have played a big part of her life and she looks up to each one of them as role models. 

“All of my coaches have been role models in the work and sacrifice they have put in to help us improve and not only become better athletes but become better people in general.”