Jay’s Cole Oswalt – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Oklahoma AgCredit Vinita

By Ryan Stone 

Cole Oswalt, a senior football player for the Bulldogs, is in his fourth season starting at offensive tackle and defensive end. Coming off a 3-7 season last year he and his teammates are excited for this season.

“We’re really excited for this season and we have 19 seniors, in practice we’re flying around to the ball, being war daddy’s and we’re just having a great time doing it. Also, we’ve been showing a lot of leadership so far,” said Oswalt.

As one of the seniors Oswalt is not taking his leadership responsibilities lightly.

“I try to lead by example by playing hard,” said Oswalt, “playing physical and always having a great attitude. I’ve been lifting a lot this offseason getting stronger and faster, didn’t miss any days and I’m just excited for this season,” said Oswalt.

All the experience and excitement also means big expectations for Oswalt and the Bulldogs.

“Our goal for this season is 10 plus wins and to make it to the playoffs,” said Oswalt, “to achieve that I think we’re going to have to play hard, play physical and together and just have great attitudes all the way through.”

Outside of football Oswalt is also a standout in baseball. He starts at catcher and as a junior hit .368 with two homeruns and 21 RBIs. His play has drawn interest from a couple of junior colleges. During the Summer he went and worked out for Cowley County Community College and spoke with Coffeyville Community College.

Oswalt also performs in the classroom with a 3.4 GPA. He is the Student Council Treasurer, is a member of FCA and plans to join the Science Club. After high school he plans to attend college and study to become a youth minister.