Jay’s Adan Becerra – Oklahoma Army National Guard Spotlight

The first in his family to join the military, Jay High School football player and Oklahoma Army National Guard member Adan Becerra felt his decision to join the military was something he had thought about for years. 

“I have always liked setting a higher standard for myself throughout my life and I thought joining the military would be a good way to keep that going. My sophomore year of high school I decided I would want to join the service. I chose the National Guard because I wanted to be able to serve my state as well as my country,” said Becerra.

As a football player, Becerra learned valuable lessons in teamwork and perseverance. Lessons he carries into his military career. 

“Having a football background definitely helped me as a serviceman. The physical nature of football helps prepare you for the rigorous physical training of the military. Football has taught me to have respect, character, integrity and to be committed,” said Becerra. “It has also taught me mental toughness, it has taught me to move with a sense of urgency, gave me a good work ethic and to be a part of a team. Not only will these things football has taught me help me in my military career, but it will help me through life.”

Also a power-lifter in high school, Becerra started lifting his sophomore year and competed through his senior year. 

Shortly after graduating, Becerra left for basic training in May and returned after AIT school as a 13B or Cannon Crew Member. 

Becerra is now focused on making the most of the opportunities the military has to offer and climbing in rank as his career presses forward. 

When he’s not training or working, you can usually find Becerra working out or spending time outdoors with family and friends. 

With a new life ahead, Becerra looks back on his time at Jay High School as a time he will not soon forget. 

“I enjoyed growing closer with my teammates on and off the field. I also enjoyed the support of the community as a student athlete at JHS,” said Beccera.