Commerce’s Marissa Scott – Softball Spotlight Presented by Northeast Tech

By Rod Chadwick 

Marissa Scott is a junior at Commerce High School where she plays varsity softball amongst a host of other activities. 

She started playing T-ball at four and hasn’t missed a season of softball since the age of seven. “I have played softball for almost 10 years. I started playing T-ball when I was only four years old and started softball at the age of seven,” said Scott. “The thing I like most about softball is how it teaches the importance of teamwork. Finding success as a group requires everyone to buy into a certain idea and be willing to work together toward reaching that goal, and this lesson can be carried over into the “real world.” 

As a student-athlete at Commerce High School, Scott said she’s learned many lessons on the field, which translate into her life off the field. “The thing I like most about CHS softball is how we overcome adversity. In the last two years of softball our team has been challenged. Softball is a game of failure, and I love how we stay focused and keep working as a team no matter what gets thrown at us,” said Scott.

Scott is very active with other sports including cheer, basketball and track. She also spends time with other clubs at school.“I am also active in other sports such as, cheer, basketball, and track. I am in National Honor Society, SADD, FCA, and FCCLA. I am student council President elect and my junior class Vice President,” said Scott. 

Academics are a top priority for Scott. “Academics are my No. 1 priority. After high school I plan on going to Med school and joining the Medical Corps. When done serving I would like to be a pediatrician and work in the ER,” said Scott. 

Scott points out that Commerce is a great place to be a student-athlete. “CHS is a great place to play sports because the coaches are involved. They don’t just want to coach and win games, they want to teach us valuable life lessons, I feel that they truly care about their players,” said Scott. 

Her mother has been a big influence in her life. “My mom has definitely been the biggest influence in my life. She’s always been my best friend. She’s raised me to be strong, independent, and tenacious,” said Scott.