Claremore’s Maddox Thomas: Flawless Performance of the Month – Presented by Flawless Smile Dentistry

By Derrick Smith

All athletes have a highlight moment, a point in a game or competition that is engraved into their mind. It is a moment where they made a huge play or exceeded their own expectations. Maddox Thomas’ highlight moment happened before she entered high school.

“My highlight moment was hitting my first home run,” she said. “It actually happened to be a grand slam. I was in the eighth grade and hitting it made me feel like I can do big things as long as I work hard.”

Maddox is a sophomore at Claremore High School. She is a member of the Lady Zebra’s softball team, where she plays catcher most of the time, but she plays some at third base. Softball has been a big part of Thomas’ life. “I started playing t-ball when I was about five years old and I have not stopped playing since.”

The biggest role model that Maddox looks up to is someone that she has known her entire life. “My older sister, MacKenzie, is my best friend and definitely who I look up to,” she stated. “She currently plays softball at Oklahoma State University and seeing her succeed at that level makes me want to work as hard as she did and create my own path.”

Teachers play a big part of our lives and make an impact on all of us. Maddox has one teacher that has influenced her life. “My favorite teacher was probably my freshmen math teacher, Mrs. Litterell,” she said. “She taught me how I can reach my goals as long as I work hard and believe in myself.”

Thomas says you have to invest a lot if you want to reach new heights as an athlete. “It has taken hard work, passion for the game, and being very competitive in order to be successful.”