Adair’s Gunnar Rader – Northeast Tech Athlete of the Month

By Derrick Smith

There are some students who, by the time they reach high school, have a clear idea of what they are going to do after high school. Others may not be sure and still want to figure things out as they work towards graduation. Gunnar Rader would fall within the first group. “After I graduate, I plan to become a welder,” Rader said. “I have always been interested in welding. I enjoy it because I can see immediate progress and enjoy learning new things.”

Gunnar is a senior at Adair High School and he also attends Northeast Technology Center in Pryor. He says that he learned about tech from some friends.  “I heard about it from my friends, and getting a jump start on my welding career,” he said. “I feel like my instructors at tech are doing a great job of getting me prepared for a future in welding.”

Along with being a part of the welding program at tech, Gunnar is also a member of the Adair football and baseball teams. On the gridiron, he plays linebacker and strong guard, while he plays catcher on the baseball field. He says that he enjoys playing because each game is different.  “I enjoy the new challenges every week,” he said. “That helps me to become a better athlete.”

There have been a lot of people that have been a part of Rader’s life, but there are two people that have made the biggest impact on his life. “First off, Jesus Christ has made an impact on my life through my salvation,” he said. “And also by providing direction in life and in the decisions I have to make. The other would be coach Chris Elmer, who has influenced me with his character, trustworthiness, and dedication to me as a person.”

Gunnar says his most memorable moment came on the football field last season. “Last season, we beat Vian, 38-27 in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. It was great.”