Pryor’s Serena Gray – Athlete of the Month Presented by Rhett Minson State Farm

By Ember McElrath

Senera Gray is a senior at Pryor High School, and to say Serena is a busy student is an understatement. Senera is not only involved in cheerleading, but she is also in choir, choir leadership, National Honor Society, State Honor Society, and the Spanish Club. She is also involved in the local community, showing two colts this year at the county fair, participating in youth worship at the First Church of God, and helping with the special olympics volleyball as well. 

Senera started participating in cheer at a young age. 

“My mom said when I was little I loved performing in front of my family, so when I was in first grade, she signed me up for cheer. I loved it and have been doing it ever since.” Serena stated. 

What she loves most about her team is “how determined and hard working,” they are. She enjoys laughing with them and loves how goofy and fun they are. 

“Football season hasn’t even started yet and we’ve already shared so many laughs.” Serena says. 

Serena loves that Pryor High School administration is not only focused on education and sports, but also puts an emphasis on the arts as well. She believes this makes a well rounded school for all students. 

Going into her senior year Serena is looking forward to taking concurrent classes at Roger State University, helping her get the feel for college courses. She is also excited to spend more time with her friends and continuing to make some great memories. 

Serena’s family keeps her on her toes and always laughing, with an older brother Von, and younger brother Brunk. Her parents, Doc and Kathy are “super supportive with all of us kids and I love and appreciate them so much,” states Serena.  

After graduation Serena plans to attend college but has yet to make a decision on a major.