Pryor’s Rachel Gilbo – Mom of the Month Presented by Red Crown Credit Union

By Derrick Smith

When someone is looking for a town to move to, one of the first things they are concerned with is their children. They want to make sure the town is safe and the school system is good. Rachel Gilbo, the Pryor Mom of the Month, says that her town fits that description perfectly.

“The thing I love most about Pryor are the people,” she said. “In this town, you will most likely never meet a stranger and you can find someone that is always willing to lend a hand. I love the school system and the administration for the education and support they provide not only my children but all children in the district. They put the children and their education first. You find teachers, coaches, and administrators cheering on these kids, having their backs one hundred percent of the time, and the encouraging words they provide are top notch.

There is no other place I would want to raise my kids.”

Gilbo has two children that attend Pryor Schools. Maygen is a junior and serves as Co-Captain for varsity football cheer and Captain for varsity basketball cheer. Kooper is in the fourth grade and plays soccer.

While she attends every sporting event her children are in, Rachel also goes a step further to help out. “I have been known to come with spare clothing, money, snacks, drinks, blankets, gloves, umbrellas, bandaids, etc. I also love helping make arrangements to be sure the high school cheerleaders and their coaches are fed before games. The local restaurants are very generous to help provide those meals.”

Gilbo is a Licensed Abstractor for Smith Brothers Abstract. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family, going to soccer, football, baseball, and basketball games. She also loves college football, which her favorite team is the Oklahoma Sooners.

With multiple children involved in athletics, life can sometimes get crazy. But Rachel says that things have worked out so far. “I have been very fortunate that we have never had to make one event more important than the other,” she said. “Days of the week for their events/sports have always worked out and I also have a tremendous support system for my kids. It’s very true when they say it takes a village and my village is pretty spectacular.”