Miami’s Jessie Ishmael – Character Counts Presented by INTEGRIS Miami

By Derrick Smith

Jessie Ishmael says that being a character athlete is about more than just yourself.

“To me, a character athlete is someone who gives one hundred and ten percent all the time, not only to benefit yourself but also your teammates and wanting to help them succeed.”

Ishmael is a senior and is a member of the softball, soccer, and rodeo teams at Miami.

She plays catcher for the softball team, defensive midfielder and wing for the soccer team, and goat tying on the rodeo team.

Jessie is not new to any of her sports. When she was four years old, she began both softball and rodeo. Soccer caught her interest when she was a freshman.

Role models have played a big part in Jessie’s success on and off the field.

“My parents have always pushed me to do my best and always done anything and everything possible to help me succeed,” she said. “Lauren strack has always put all of her athletes on a higher standard helping them be the best humans possible. And Ed Cain has helped me grow in the sport of softball more than anyone else and has just helped shape me into the player and person I am.”

Strack is also who Ishmael would consider her favorite teacher.

“She made things make sense in the classroom better than any teacher has been able to. She helps me connect learning grammar to instances on the field.”

Success is not something that comes easy, but Jessie knows what it takes to obtain it.

“It takes commitment,” she said. “I am always going from one sport to the next. It also takes a lot of extra work with my coaches.”

When she is not competing or practicing her sports, Jessie is also involved with the National Honor Society and Key Club. While she may not know yet where she is going to attend, Jessie says she knows what she wants to study.

“After graduation, I want to continue school to become a sport marketer, but I have no idea where I want to go.