Fan’s Choice All-Grand Lake Area Team – Presented by Northeast Tech

Fan’s Choice All-Grand Lake Area Football Team    

The schools around the Grand Lake area have stepped up their game and the fans have spoken. Miami voted in a ton of players including Gavin Payton at QB, Gabe McCleary at RB, Seth Swingle at WR, Damion Burris at WR, Clay McCormick at OL, Jackson Satterwhite at OL, Trenton Spunaugle at DL, Tanner Maple at LB, Matt Horn at LB, Isaac Lacy at DB and Chrsitian Reavis at DB. Impressive. Grove got in the action with Kadian Forbis voted in at RB, and Joel Martin at DB. Wyandotte is sending Dalton Leal at OL alongside Jay product Kobe Sixkiller. Jay also voted in Weston Welch at LB. Overall the team is stacked with talent, proving the Grand Lake area is loaded with talented football players. 


QB Gavin Payton – Miami Wardogs

QB Greg McCurdy – Grove Ridgerunners

RB Kadian Forbis – Grove Ridgerunners

RB Gabe McCleary – Miami Wardogs

WR Seth Swingle – Miami Wardogs

WR Damion Burris – Miami Wardogs

TE Andrew Barker – Fairland Owls

OL Clay McCormick – Miami Wardogs

OL Dalton Leal – Wyandotte Bears

OL Jackson Satterwhite – Miami Wardogs

OL Kobe Sixkiller – Jay Bulldogs

OL Teegan Muapin – Afton Eagles


DL Matthew Hudelson – Bluejacket Chieftains 

DL Trenton Spunaugle – Miami Wardogs 

DL Tanner Daniels – Quapaw Wildcats

DL Dalton Leal – Wyandotte Bears

LB Tanner Maple – Miami Wardogs

LB Matt Horn – Miami Wardogs

LB Weston Welch – Jay Bulldogs

LB Ethan Bradley – Wyandotte Bears

DB Isaac Lacy – Miami Wardogs 

DB Joel Martin – Grove Ridgerunners 

DB Seth Hayward – Welch Wildcats 

DB Christian Reavis – Miami Wardogs