Bartlesville’s Taton Hopkins – FCA Athlete of the Month Presented by Chick-fil-A

By Braxton Scott

Bartlesville football player Taton Hopkins is a leader on and off the football field. Hopkins has been involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) for more than four years and continues to grow in his relationship with his peers at the FCA meetings. He looks to carry over the skills he learned in FCA to the football field where he will lead his team. Being apart of the club he has learned a lot; as Taton states, “through FCA I’ve learned to be bold and also to be a leader in all situations.” 

FCA isn’t the only thing that has had a big impact on Hopkins’ life. The brotherhood he has built in football with his teammates has affected him greatly in becoming the man and football player he is today. 

“My teammates mean a lot to me. They’re a group of guys that I know are gonna have my back no matter what,” said Hopkins. 

The future is something Hopkins looks forward to, not only with football, but with his relationships he has developed through FCA as he says.

”The thing I enjoy most about FCA is the fellowship and bond you make with all of the athletes that are there,” said Hopkins. “These will carry on outside of FCA. I would definitely encourage anyone to attend FCA.” 

Hopkins wants to get more people involved in FCA. After football season ends he will move into a new sport, golf, where he will lead his Bartlesville golf team. Not only does Hopkins have plans to win now for his brothers but he has big plans in the future for himself. 

“I plan to continue my academic and athletic career at the next level,” said Hopkins.