Bartlesville’s Laken Clowdus & Ben Winters – Football Captains Q&A – Presented by Tulsa Bone & Joint

VYPE caught up with Bruin standout football players Laken Clowdus and Ben Winters, to tackle some hard-hitting questions about the team and the upcoming season. 

VYPE: How long have you played football and what was the first team you played for in Bartlesville? 

Clowdus: I have played football for seven years and the first team I played for was Bartlesville Blue. 

Winters: I have been playing football for 10 years and I first played for Bartlesville Bruin White.

VYPE: As seniors, what does this class want to accomplish this season and is it important to leave behind a legacy for future players to follow? 

Clowdus: As seniors I think our goal is to make it to the playoffs and it is very important for us to leave a legacy. 

Winters: We want to make it to the playoffs to help set a foundation that our younger guys can build off of. It is very important to leave a legacy and I believe we will.

VYPE: Who is your biggest rival and why?

Clowdus: Our biggest rival would have to be Sand Springs just because of how close the games always are. 

Winters: Our biggest rival is Ponca City because of the Rivalry Game we have against them.

VYPE: Lets get the scoop on some of your teammates? Who has the dirtiest locker? Who is the hardest hitter? Who talks the most noise? Who can sleep anywhere? And who has the best impression of one of your coaches?

Clowdus: Dirtiest locker would have to be Rhett Foreman, hardest hitter is Dylan Argo, Logan Hartman makes the most noise, Shane Simpson has the best impression of the coaches. 

Winters: Dirtiest locker would be Dylan Argo. Hardest Hitter would be Logan Hartman. I’m gonna switch it up with the person who talks the most noise and say one of our coaches, Coach Mac talks the most noise. Sterling Gilbert can sleep anywhere. Shane Simpson and Taton Hopkins have the best impression of our coaches.

VYPE: What message do you want to send Bruin fans this season? 

Clowdus: To get behind us. 

Winters: To come to the games and support us. 

VYPE: What are your plans after you graduate? 

Clowdus: Attend college. 

Winters: To become an architect in college.

VYPE: Do you have a favorite subject in school or a favorite teacher? 

Clowdus: My favorite teacher is Mr. Chuning. 

Winters: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Fausto, one of the Spanish teachers.

VYPE: What is your go-to pregame meal? 

Clowdus: My pregame meal is subway. 

Winters: A French Dip from McAlisters.

VYPE: What do you enjoy doing with your free time? 

Clowdus: I enjoy fishing and playing 2k with the bros. 

Winters: I enjoy playing video games with the boys and hanging out with my friends.