Pryor’s Sam Sherrer – Athlete of the Month Presented by Rhett Minson State Farm

By John Tranchina

Sam Sherrer isn’t the biggest offensive lineman, but the Pryor center has managed to utilize superior technique and football IQ to carve out a starting role in the Tigers’ lineup.

As he has continued to work hard in the weight room this off-season in an attempt to get bigger and stronger, he is sure to be a more significant contributor in the upcoming 2019 season as a senior.

“I’m just trying to get a lot stronger, put on some weight, some muscle,” Sherrer said of his summer goal. “That’s mostly what my summer has been. Last year, I was really small, but I knew what I was doing, so it helped a lot. I have to be in position the entire time, I can’t get lazy. I didn’t really struggle too much being small, but this year, I’m feeling pretty good about my size and what I know about football and what I have to do.”

As an incoming senior, Sherrer has also assumed more of a leadership role on the Tigers.

“I try to be (a leader), I guess. I try and have the best work ethic on the team,” said Sherrer, who also competes on the Pryor wrestling team (at 152 pounds last year) and their Class 5A state champion baseball squad (at first base). “I try and encourage people. I’m not the loudest person, but I want people to look up to me. It gets me better. While I’m trying to get others better, I’m getting better, too.”

Sherrer has also contributed on defense, moving from defensive end to linebacker this year, although he’s not sure yet how much action he’ll see on that side of the ball.

“I don’t know how that will go, I guess I’ll see,” Sherrer said of his defensive responsibilities. “It’s just a completely different game plan. I’ve never really been much of a linebacker, but my body has changed quite a bit, so I’m a little bit faster, so that’s nice.”

Pryor coach Kenny Davis appreciates what Sherrer brings to the Tigers, both on and off the field.

“Sam is one of those guys that is always there, always competing, and what he lacks in size, he makes up for in intelligence and toughness,” Davis said.