Vinita’s Brittney Walker & River Jeffries – Track Q&A – Presented by Grove Dental Associates


VYPE: What was this season like for you personally? 

Walker: This season for me personally was my best year I’ve ever had.

Jeffries: This season was really bittersweet, I loved getting to compete with some of my best friends one last time. 

VYPE: Do you have a favorite moment from this season? 

Walker: My favorite memory from this year would have to be state when it stormed and the meet got delayed and we all just had the best time that we could.

Jeffries: My favorite memory from this year was finally breaking 60 in the mile relay, running a 59 getting runner up at state with my team.  

VYPE: What is your favorite pre-meet meal? 

Walker: My favorite meal before a game is chicken Alfredo pasta.

Jeffries: I usually don’t eat on game/meet days, and if I did it was a couple oranges. I would be so nervous that I wasn’t hungry.

VYPE: Let’s discuss some of your teammates. Who on your team keeps everyone laughing? Who does the best impression of coach? Who talks the most smack? Who can sleep anywhere? 

Walker: Everyone was always fun to hang around, but I would say that Brynlea was always the one making jokes. Liz Johnson I would say was the one that talked the most noise. And The one to sleep anywhere I would say I was me, because I could sleep anywhere from the bus floor to on the bleachers at a meet! 

Jeffries: The person that keeps everyone laughing is Kaylee Backus, I don’t know who would be the best coach impression, we all do it. The person who talks the most noise is Kennady Roach, her and I always joke around with each other, and the person who can sleep anywhere is Brittney Walker. 

VYPE: What is the best thing about being a student-athlete at VHS?

Walker: The best thing about being a student athlete at VHS would be making strong bonds and friendship with all the girls.

Jeffries: The best thing about being a VHS athlete is getting to represent the school, town and my coaches, and creating bonds with my teammates. 

VYPE: What will you always remember about your team and teammates? 

Walker: I’ll always remember the team as a family never putting anyone down but always helping push each other.

Jeffries: What I will always remember about my team and teammates is we always make the most of a situation and we always have each others back. I’ve made lifelong friendships through athletics.