Verdigris’ Karmyn Zabonik – Character Counts Presented by Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma

Karmyn Zabonik is a recent graduate of Verdigris High School where she played varsity soccer, volleyball, and threw discus for the track team. Zabonik enjoyed excellent seasons in all of the sports she plays, but one stood out this school year. 

“This volleyball season is definitely my most memorable season all throughout high school. We got a new coach, coach Horton, and he created a bond between our team that I will never be able to forget,” said Zabonik. 

At Verdigris Middle School, Zabonik became a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and stuck with it all throughout her high school career.

“I first started going to FCA in 7th grade with my older sister. The FCA Group at Verdigris was just for high school but luckily all the high school FCA members welcomed little 7th grade me to the group, as well as our sponsor Mrs. Worley. I love how welcoming our Group is and the bond we all share with each other,” said Zabonik. 

This season she was recognized as an FCA All-Stater; an honor she cherishes. 

“Making FCA All-State was a huge accomplishment and it shows that all my hard work and love for the organization is noticed. I’ve been involved in so many things throughout high school that it has kind of been overwhelming but I have always known when to put those other things aside and poor my time and energy into FCA,” said Zabonik. “My biggest influence that I have had throughout high school is my FCA Sponsor, who has many more titles, Mrs. Worley. She is involved in just about every aspect of my life. We have shared many laughs and tears together and she has given me many life lessons. She’s constantly pushing me to grow stronger in my faith and reminding me that I represent Jesus and that I need to represent him well.”

As a student-athlete at VHS, Zabonik admits the expectations are always high. 

“There are high expectations for being a Verdigris athlete. It’s like being part of a legacy. There’s a certain pride I feel when representing our small town because of the character that all of our student athletes have. I had a coach that always told my teammates and I that we wear Verdigris on our backs and everything we do reflect on our school so we need to always have good character and represent it well,” Zabonik said. 

Next fall Zabonik plans to attend East Central University where she will join the volleyball team while maintaining her connection to the FCA.

“This next fall I will be attending ECU where I will be part of the volleyball team. I also will be keeping involved with FCA at ECU as well as being a huddle leader at camps,” she said.