South Coffeyville’s Alec Davis – Character Counts Presented by Welch State Bank

Multi-sport athlete Alec Davis is a standout football and basketball player at South Coffeyville High School. The senior has graduated, but his time at SCHS will allows be something special to the starting quarterback. 

“Senior year was by far the most challenging season I’ve played. With having the minimum number of players in multiple games, rallying the team for the key plays in games were tough. The moments where I was able to motivate the team we would break off for a big gain our make a much needed stop on defense. In those moments you could really see our full potential. I’m always going to look back and be proud of the times when we played with just eight men on field, giving it all we had and doing so with success,” said Davis. “Other than football, I participated in basketball. Even though we fell short in districts, the underclassmen we able to learn and gain a better understanding of the game.”

The quarterback is turning the team over to the next generation of Lion football players.

“Paul Rudd is set to take over the reigns at quarterback this fall. My piece of advice to him was to go out there and leave everything he has on the football field. Make it a year you won’t regret and one that you’ll always remember,” said Davis. 

Davis plans to attend college this fall and pursue a degree, but before he becomes a college man, he’s got one more game to play. 

“I plan to attend Haskell Indian Nations University where I’ll major in Business Administration,” said Davis. “During summer I plan to workout and prepare myself for the OEMFCA All-Star game. As well as working for my father’s business saving up money for college.” 

Davis offers one last piece of advice to the new senior class at South Coffeyville High School. 

“My advice for the new senior class would be to step up as leader. You have everyone out there with the same goals and ambitions, step up and push your underclassmen to be their ultimate best. When you have all eight guys out their doing their job, you will be successful.”