Sequoyah Claremore’s Payton Lane – “Flawless” Athlete of the Month – Presented by Flawless Smiles

Payton Lane of Sequoyah Claremore High School had the honor of competing at the Class 3A state golf tournament held at the Tulsa Country Club this year. Lane and his teammates worked their way into an eighth place finish as a team, while Lane grabbed a top 40 finish with 72 golfers in the field. 

“The thing that I loved most about my team and teammates was the camaraderie among all of us, I felt that I had a brother in each of them,” said Lane. “This season was my favorite of the four years I’ve played golf. I played several good rounds in tournaments and for the second year in a row my teammates and I qualified for the Class 3A state golf tournament which was a special way to end the season and my time playing high school golf.”

The senior, now a high school graduate, loved being a student-athlete at Sequoyah. 

“The special thing about being a student athlete at Sequoyah is that all of the staff always goes out of their way to ask how I’m doing and how my tournaments go which is what I enjoyed most about being a student athlete at Sequoyah,” Lane said. “Being a member of this team was a special role for me. I always tried to take care of anything my teammates needed from me and as the only senior on the team I felt like I should be the one to set an example for my teammates, along with this representing Sequoyah schools meant a lot to me which is why I would always act with respect anytime we would go to practice or tournaments.”

Lane started playing the game of golf around the age of 12 with his father and the more he played the more he fell in love with the game and the fellowship that came with it. 

In the classroom, Lane is determined to make good grades. 

“Academics have always been very important within my family, I have always given my full attention to my studies because at the end of the day nobody can ever take my education away,” Lane said. “After I graduate I plan to attend Rogers State University for a year and afterwards go to Pittsburgh State to obtain a degree in construction management.” 

Even when he has some free time, you can find Lane on a golf course with his father and the “old dudes” he enjoys playing with. Or you can find him deer hunting and spending time with friends and family.