Pryor’s Kim Hawkins: Mom of the Month – Presented by Red Crown Credit Union



By Antwan Woods 

Kim Hawkins has remained commited to her volunteer work in the Pryor community has earned her the Pryor Mom of the Month title. After living in Pryor for 41 years her dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

It all started when she began volunteering at Jefferson Elementary. She joined the JPT (Jefferson Parent Teacher Organization). Hawkins couldn’t help but to notice the teachers need to raise money for their supplies, so she wanted to join the program.

“I noticed a lot of teachers paying for stuff out of their pocket and it really took a toll on me knowing that their hard work was just going right back into their classrooms, which was great, but [it] got me thinking. Why not help them?” said Hawkins. “So, I joined the JPT, and eventually became the President, and was able to help raise money.” 

Her 16-year-old son, Cope Hawkins, has played soccer since he was just three years of age. He is currently a goalie for the Pryor varsity soccer team. 

Hawkins has done everything in her power to help their teams get whatever they may need. She has scheduled concession stand workers, picked catered for the team, gathered donations, as well as helping with travel. If there is a need for help she is the one to do it. 

“I scheduled concession stand volunteer workers, picked up meals that were furnished for away games and delivered them to the field house, helped gather donations for the home games, helped with needed items for the travel and stay at the Smokey Mountain Cup Soccer Tournament in Tennessee. [I] most recently volunteered time and resources for our soccer banquet.”

Hawkins does far more than just helping the soccer teams. She also volunteers for the Main Street program, takes care of senior citizens that have no family around. She has been helping with children’s choir at church for many years. 

Hawkins credits her parents for her love to help others as they taught her to move mountains and work as if she was working for the Lord. 

“So, helping many people is what I love to do. I love to watch people succeed.”

Hawkins is a wife and mother who loves her community. She believes Pryor is a family-oriented community which is perfect for raising a family. 

Her hard work and dedication are why she’s the Pryor Mom of the Month.