Miami’s Clarissa & Chloe Walters – Doubles Tennis Q&A – Presented by Jim Rexwinkle State Farm


VYPE: What was this season like for each of you personally? 

Clarissa: It was the best season that I have had since I started playing. 

Chloe: I grew a lot as the season progressed. I didn’t go just to play, I wanted to win. Clarissa and I played the best we’ve ever played this season. 

VYPE: Do you have a favorite moment that stands out from this year? 

Clarissa: Playing a two and a half hour match that determined if we went to state or not. 

Chloe: At state we actually played another doubles team that were twins as well. My last name is Walter and they were Watters, it was an amazing experience to get to play with twins. 

VYPE: Lets discuss some of the differences between you two. What is something Clarissa likes that Chloe does not? 

Clarissa: I like to cheer and tumble more than Chloe does. 

Chloe: Personally, I enjoy tennis all the time, not just during the season and Clarissa mostly likes to focus her time on gymnastics and cheer.

VYPE: What is the best things about being a student-athlete at MHS? 

Clarissa: The support from other teams and the community. 

Chloe: Our teachers understand everything. If we are gone for two days out of the week, they would help us any way they could.

VYPE: What will you always remember about your team and teammates? 

Clarissa: All of the fun games and competitive matches that were played against each other. 

Chloe: I will always remember the laughs we would have at practice and all the jokes we all made at tournaments. 

VYPE: What is your favorite meal to eat before a match? 

Clarissa: Before every match I would eat yogurt and granola. Afterwards is what everyone looked forward to because we always went to Cane’s. 

Chloe: My favorite thing to eat before a match is a sandwich with water (and sometimes pizza).