Claremore’s Trenton Strawderman – Oklahoma Air National Guard Spotlight

Trenton Strawderman has played golf ever since he could walk and pick up a club. His love for the sport has proved to be an important aspect in his life, and was his favorite part of being a Claremore Zebra during his high school years.

“The best part of high school hands-down would have to be participating on the golf team,” said Strawderman. “With all the constant support from our booster club and many other sponsors, my career of high school golf has been unique and incredible. Our golf team this year and the last got to witness the construction of our indoor golfing facility which will stem growth in the golf program for years to come.”

Strawderman was glad to end his high school golf career on a great note.

“This season of golf was probably one of my best seasons, not just individually, but as a team,” he said. “I had the privilege to be part of multiple first place team wins including conference and a runner-up title at our regional championship. Our golf team has improved so much this season and I have been able to see other teammates break 80s on many accounts.” 

Strawderman is a determined and future-focused young man who is already paving the road to an honorable career. He is joining the Oklahoma Air National Guard, a choice that was inspired by his family legacy.

“I feel privileged to be a part of the Oklahoma Air National Guard and look forward to serving this country while at the same time furthering my education to better myself and society,” he said. “What first got me interested in the Air National Guard would be all the previous service in which my family has done for this country. I felt I too needed to pitch in and serve my time as well.”

Strawderman will be going to school for Fighter Integrated Avionics in the Oklahoma Air Guard. He is excited to make this a part of his own legacy.

“I look most forward to meeting new people and being part of a great cause in preserving freedom in our country,” he said. “Future deployments are also a big thing I look forward to since I’ll be able to see the world all whilst serving.”

After completing his military training Strawderman would like to play collegiate golf while pursuing a degree in a medical or engineering field.