Barnsdall’s Kylee Sweeney – Southern Nazarene University Educational Leadership Program

Barnsdall High School head football coach, Kylee Sweeney, has coached for 13 years, spending nine years at Hominy High School. 

Sweeney started his career path as an educator and coach after graduating from Hominy High School where two coaches with amazing credentials influenced him to follow in their footsteps. 

“I graduated from Hominy in 2001 and had amazing coaches that had a big influence on me becoming a coach. Two Hall of Famers in Danny Daniels and Russell Hull coached me in high school and Ronnie Riley that also coached me in junior high and high school,” said Sweeney. 

As he’s continued to push himself as a coach, Sweeney also works to become a better educator. Enrolling into the Southern Nazarene Leadership program fit perfectly into his future plans for his career. 

“Coach Hull was a big influence on me at Hominy as a coach when I was in school and as Superintendent when he hired me to come back to my hometown and teach/coach. He always told me that I needed to go get my Master’s degree. He advised there would come a time when I would decide to be done coaching and want to take on a leadership role. So, I always told him I would get my degree and I’m fulfilling that promise to him and myself,” said Sweeney.

“The program is awesome! One of the best things about the program has been the professors for the classes. Each brings their own unique personality and expertise to each subject that we take. Administrators and school leaders offer hands on experience that they can relate to us on as we go through the courses.”

Kylee is not the only person in the Sweeney household to take part in the program at SNU. His wife is enrolled in the same course. 

“We are both good at keeping the other on task and staying up to date in class. Her sister in law or godparents keep our two daughters when we have class so my wife considers it a date night with just us together. We are also both very competitive so we both are always trying to top the other when it comes to grades in class. It makes for an interesting ride home if I have a better grade or if she has the better grade we make sure the other one knows,” said Sweeney. 

The education Sweeney and his wife are receiving at SNU will certainly help their future career decisions. Sweeney said the program is made for individuals with busy schedules. 

“I would definitely recommend this program. The class meets one night a week and the instructors are administrators or have experience in the course they are teaching. The connections that you make with other people in your classes can help with networking to get an administrator job after graduation,” Sweeney said.