Pryor’s Seyton Thomas & Jesus Fuentes – Soccer Q&A – Presented by Rhett Minson State Farm


Pryor Soccer Q&A with Seyton Thomas & Jesus Fuentes


VYPE: How long have you played soccer and what position do you play?

Thomas: I have played soccer since I was four years old, and I play either center mid or forward.

Fuentes: I have played soccer my entire life, I grew up playing it around family and friends.


VYPE: What first got you interested in the sport?

Thomas: Other than my parents just putting me in soccer, the thing that really made me interested in the sport was how much fun I had while playing it. I loved to score and also just being apart of a team was fun as well.

Fuentes: I got into soccer by my dad, he always wanted to play soccer. I truly loved it and it was fun so I just kept playing.

VYPE: How would you describe this season?

Thomas: The best season I’ve ever been apart of. We didn’t win as many games as we normally do but my team was absolutely amazing. Our team dynamic this year was stronger than any team I had been apart of the last few years.

Fuentes: This season was great. The season didn’t go how we wanted it to go but we created a new family and bonded and had fun. This team is definitely bright in the future just with six freshmen and sophomores playing varsity.


VYPE: What is your favorite memory in your sport?

Thomas: So far, my favorite memory is going to the Smoky Mountain Cup in Tennessee. It’s really amazing that our coaches work with the community and school in order to raise the funds to take us to cool tournaments like the Smoky Mountain Cup.

Fuentes: My favorite memory has to be just creating a new family and new friends.


VYPE: Do you have a favorite team to play against? If so, why?

Thomas: I don’t really have a favorite team to play against but I know that I have fun playing whoever steps on the field with us.

Fuentes: My favorite to team to play against is Claremore because that game never fails to be intense. It always is intense because they are Pryor’s rivals.

VYPE: What is your favorite thing about being a student-athlete at Pryor High School?

Thomas: Our community is very centered around sports and academics and they are very supportive of all sports. Also, the staff at Pryor are very supportive as well and they are willing to work with their athletes and any other student in any kind of activity to make sure we succeed.

Fuentes: My favorite part of being a Pryor athlete is just being a Tiger and playing for the great fans we have at Pryor.


VYPE: Who is your all-time favorite soccer player?

Thomas: Alex Morgan. Not only do we share the same number but she is very inspirational and I look up to her a lot.

Fuentes: Lionel Messi. I have always looked up to him because he proves that size doesn’t matter and he is the best player in the world.


VYPE: Which player on your team would you not want to defend against?

Thomas: Defense-wise I’m not sure, but I do know that I would never want to have to attack Makaya Crisp, our goalie. She is an amazing goalie and isn’t afraid of anyone.

Fuentes: The player on my team I would not defend against would be Tyler Ramsey, because is he so fast and quick with his feet and he’s very aggressive and doesn’t let you get it that easy.


VYPE: What are your plans for the future?

Thomas: To attend NEO A&M college and play soccer for two years while obtaining an associates in general studies. After that I will transfer to Northeastern State University and study to become a Speech Language Pathologist.

Fuentes: I am going to attend NOC in Stillwater then transfer to OSU where I will major in architecture.