Claremore’s Kaden & Maddux Renfroe – Northeast Tech Athletes of the Month

Claremore baseball duo Kaden and Maddux Renfroe are sophomores in high school, but they are already planning ahead for the future. The brothers began playing baseball when they were just four years old. Just as they are always working to improve themselves on the field, they also work hard in the classroom. In addition to their regular studies, they are both enrolled in the Pre-Engineering program at Northeast Tech.

“What made me want to take classes at Northeast Tech was I wanted to be in engineering class and I saw this class so I signed up for it and I don’t regret it,” said Maddux. “My favorite thing about it is is all of the new projects we get to do, it’s really enjoyable and different from all my other classes.”

Kaden’s reason is similar, and he says that his favorite thing about the course is the  problem solving skills required.

“I have always wanted to be an engineer when I grew up and when I saw they have engineering programs at the high school all these doors for my future opened up,” he said. “The thing I like most about engineering is the problem solving involved. Northeast Tech is preparing me by allowing me hands-on projects and working with other people for more real life situations.”

Thinking ahead towards the future motivates Maddux on the field as well as in the classroom.

“The thought of going to college for baseball is what pushes me to do my best on and off the field,” said Maddux.

Kaden isn’t one to shy away from hard work either. He knows that he has to be on top of his game and he accepts the challenge.

“I love that you have to earn your spots [on the team] that means putting in work on and off the field,” he said.

Maddux and Kaden shared what the best and worst things are about playing alongside each other on the field.

“The best thing about my brother as my teammate is that we can cheer each other on, and the worst thing is when one of us does something cool we tend to rub it in the other one’s face,” said Maddux.

“The best thing about having my brother as a teammate is we have a strong connection already, to whereas if it’s my first year playing with someone, it can be somewhat challenging,” said Kaden.

Both of these student-athletes are looking forward to the rest of their time as Claremore Zebras, and are excited to see what the future holds for them in the engineering field.