Oaks Mission’s Harlie McKie – Northeast Tech Athlete of the Month

Harlie McKie has been playing softball for about 10 years. She said she fell in love with it ever since picking it up in the third grade, and now she especially enjoys playing for her high school.

“What I like most about competing for my high school is that I get to represent my school Oaks Mission,” McKie said. “We play with heart, but most importantly I play for the Lord.”

McKie considers getting to compete a gift and she doesn’t want to take it for granted.

“What motivates me the most to do my best on and off the field is that Jesus gave me the opportunity and ability to play the amazing game of softball,” she said. “Some people don’t get to play, some just don’t take interest in it, others don’t have the physical capability. But God made everyone perfect just not all the same.”

Her teammates are another very important part of why she is committed to the sport. She has close bonds with them and says they rely on each other in and out of softball.

“My teammates are more than just teammates to me, they are family,” she said. “We build each other up and pick each other up when they get down, not only on the field but off the field as well.”

McKie also competes in track, cross country, and basketball for Oaks Mission. In addition to her high school classes she is enrolled in the Visual Communications program at Northeast Tech.

“I’m in Business and Graphic Design doing office assistance,” she said. “I took this class because I want to be a detective and this was a class that would help me towards my goal.”

McKie is all about striving to better her future, and says that the class she is in is helping her get familiar with computers and different programs. She also appreciates her instructor.

“I started taking classes at Northeast Tech because it is a great opportunity to help reach your goals,” she said. “My favorite thing about my class is my teacher Mrs. Beyers. She’s funny and understandable. She makes it really easy to figure out how to do the work and where to go.”

After graduation McKie plans on going to college at Haskell, hopefully playing softball, and working towards her goals.