Adair’s Autumn Hines – Northeast Tech Athlete of the Month

Northeast Tech

Autumn Hines, point guard for the Adair Lady Warriors basketball team, has played the sport since she was five years old. Hines says she plays “for the love of the game.”

There are many different aspects about basketball that Hines enjoys, including the rush of competition, the memories made with teammates, and who she gets to represent on the court.

“[My] favorite thing about competing is getting to experience the environment and adrenaline rush,” she said. “Making friends, memories, and being a part of a family that hopefully you will always be able to count on. Also, you always play for God and your team. There’s no ‘I’ in team.”

In addition to basketball, Hines plays softball, competes in track, and is involved in FCA. She is also concurrently enrolled at Northeast Tech in the Health Careers program, something she chose in order to start learning early about her chosen career path.

“I wanted to start this because I want to become a cardiologist and I feel like this will get me a head start for my future,” she said.

Autumn Hines

Of all the things about Northeast Tech that Hines enjoys, perhaps the best is that she gets to learn about her subject of interest and get much more hands-on experience than she would in a regular high school setting.

“I enjoy getting to make new friends and also getting treated as an adult,” she said. “Learning about all the things in health is really awesome to me. It’s a great experience, and you won’t get the same hands-on as if you took anatomy and physiology at your high school. It’s really a great opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go into the health field.”

She definitely feels that she made a good choice attending Northeast Tech, because now she has a head start on her education.

“I feel like it’s getting me a huge head start and a great idea of what we will have to learn about in college to go into the health field,” she said.