Pryor's M'Kayla Hillman – Mayes County Athlete of the Month – Presented by Red Crown Credit Union

Red Crown

By Derrick Smith

Sometimes sports affords you the opportunity that experience a moment that others might not get to enjoy. M’Kayla Hillman experienced one of those moments during her freshman season.

“One of the highlight moments would have to be when I was able to play on the same team as my older sister, Bailee Hillman,” she stated. “It was her senior year and I was a freshman, so it was really cool.”

M’Kayla is a senior at Pryor High School. Along with softball, she also plays basketball for the Lady Tigers. She says she began playing both sports in the first grade.

The Lady Tigers softball team has has success during M’Kayla’s time on the team.

“We won the state championship during my sophomore year,” she said. “That was really cool because we were one point away from winning it the year before. We also made it to the state finals last season.”

Hillman says her parents, John Hillman and Lisa Bridges, are the biggest influences on her life.

“They have pushed me to be my best,” she said. “They have taken me to endless lessons, practices, and games. I knew that no matter what they would be there supporting me in everything I do.”


She has had many teachers through the years, but M’Kayla says that there is one that stands out above the rest because she goes out of her way to show support.

“My spanish teacher, Faith Bates, would have to be my favorite teacher,” she said. “She comes to almost every game that she can and has always supported all of her students. She always makes sure everyone is doing okay and is very involved in her students life not just in the classroom.”

The success on the softball field has not come with hard work, says Hillman.

“There have been endless hours of practice, making sure that I am all in with everything I do. Also, being able to do whatever it takes to help my team.”

When she is not plays sports, M’Kayla is also involved with the Senior Internship Program and the Spanish Club. After graduation, M’Kayla plans to attend Rogers State University and earn a degree in Sports Management while also playing softball.

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