Reed Beeler: Chelsea Athlete of the Month – Presented by Trent Ellick Farmers Insurance

Trent Ellick

Reed Beeler is a junior at Chelsea High School where he plays football, is involved in track and field and powerlifting. 

“I think the thing I love most is the fun we have talking and taunting each other. I’m in track and powerlifting so I can to ready myself for football season,” said Beeler. 

His passion for the sport is obvious when you talk football with the defensive line specialist. 

But Beeler is also focused on his grades and making the most of his education opportunities at Chelsea High School. 

“I’m a junior in high school and I’m doing my best to get into the medical industry to become a physical therapist after I obtain my doctrine,” said Beeler. 


On the field, Beeler is a 12-year veteran of the sport leads the team in defensive stats and is one of the top tacklers in the class. Beeler also stands up for his fellow students that get bullied. Beeler works to be the ultimate teammate and friend. He loves his team and his teammates. 

“We get lots of people and family members who are proud of us and support us, however we do have those who don’t believe in us, I think my team is irreplaceable,” said Beeler. 

Off the field, Beeler said he is influenced by a lot of people in his life. Mainly his parents. But he also listens to his friends and watches certain NFL athletes and how they play the game. 

One thing Beeler loves about playing for Chelsea High School, is the ability to play on an actual grass field. Something that is becoming more and more rare these days. 

“I enjoy our field how it has actual grass,” said Beeler. 

When he is not participating in a sport, you can find Beeler relaxing and hanging out with friends like many of his peers.