Becky Freeman: Pryor Mom of the Month – Presented by Red Crown Credit Union

Red Crown

Pryor resident and mother to a high school basketball player at Pryor High School, Becky Freeman has become a fixture as a volunteer for many years. 

“Ryne, who is currently a junior at Pryor High, has played basketball for nine years now. When he was on a competitive team, travelling, I would keep the books for the coaches. When he started playing for the school system, I was always his biggest fan, not missing a game or a scrimmage. Then shortly after he played for the school system I served as a representative on the Tip-In Club booster club, and currently serve as President of the club,” said Freeman. 

As the President of the club, Freeman is head of the booster club and responsible for many activities including fundraising for the team. 

“I definitely would not accomplish all that the job entails without the help of my hardworking board. We have set up sponsorship’s with very generous various businesses in the community as well as supportive individuals. We have held several fundraisers for the program to be able to spend money on things like basketball gear, team camps, meals, bonding trips etc. We coordinate meals for every game throughout the year,” said Freeman.

Ryne is not the only child Freeman has had come through the Pryor schools system. Oldest daughter, Shaylee Freeman graduated from Pryor HS in 2016 and is currently a junior at Rogers State University. 


Freeman has worked for Pryor Public Schools for over 20 years. 

“I love working for Pryor Public Schools as there are several opportunities for various activities, great personnel to work with, and expects a high level of success. I taught at the elementary level for 20 years, 7th grade Math for three years, and I currently teach Algebra and Geometry,” said Freeman. This is her first year teaching Algebra and Geometry.

The community of Pryor is known for supporting their student-athletes. Something Freeman loves about the small town. 

“The Pryor community is special because it is a small town vibe. I grew up here and graduated from Pryor High as well. There is lots of support from several entities in this community,” said Freeman. 

Volunteer groups such as the Tip-In Club need more than just one person running the group. Freeman relies on several people to help her get the job done. 

“All of the people I work with on the Tip In Club are moms to players. They are: Shawna Jenkins, V.P., Janette Silkey, Secretary, Heather Burroughs, Treasurer, Rena Wood, HS girls’ rep, Kendal Rhoads, HS boys’ rep, Stephanie Crisp, Jr Hi girls’ rep, Lori Siever, Jr Hi boys’ rep, Alex McCutcheon, Member at large,” said Freeman. “I love that we work to give the players/coaches needed items to help them to look and be successful. I have enjoyed getting to know other parent volunteers better. I have also enjoyed listening to the input of the players, learning what they like/don’t like.”