Locust Grove's Sydney Henson – Northeast Tech Athlete of the Month

Northeast Tech

By Derrick Smith

Sydney Henson is a junior at Locust Grove High School and also attends Northeast Tech. She plays volleyball for the Lady Pirates, and is a part of the Health Careers 1 program at Northeast Tech.

Henson says that she first heard about Northeast Tech during her tenth grade year, but it was not something she planned to do.

“I first heard about it when we went to sophomore showcase but I never fully got interested in going until right before interviews,” she said. “I always thought I would do concurrent classes but then noticed how helpful and influential going to tech would be for my later career in medicine.”

There is no doubt that Sydney would recommend Northeast Tech for anyone.

“If you are considering it in even the slightest bit you need to go,” she stated. “It helps you so much in whatever path you choose along with helping you get out in your field of work. The staff is amazing and so helpful here.”

Sydney says she has learned more that she imagined in her short time being at Northeast Tech.

“I’ve learned so much medical terminology and anatomy & physiology in just one semester here as a junior in high school that other people would be learning their first year in college so it’s giving me such an advantage. I also have the absolute best student advisor, Mrs. Benson, and the best teacher, Mrs. Stock, who have helped me through anything and everything.”

Sydney Henson

Henson says her most memorable moment on the volleyball court came when she suffered an injury but was still able to help her team.

“During the summer between my freshman and sophomore years, I had to sit out after having knee surgery,” she said. “I went to every game and sat right beside the coaches and learned so much more about the sport and how to still help my teammates while not being able to physically play with them. I became a ‘coach’ that season and got to come back the next year and help the team out with all of the teamwork aspects along with being able to read the other teams better.”

Sydney says her favorite part of competing is seeing the improvement she and her teammates make.

“It is great when we learn from every game and improve on our mistakes to work better together and individually for the next game.”

The two biggest influences in Henson’s life are her parents, Laura Stone and Heath Henson.

“They have always taught me lessons on teamwork and how to better myself as a leader and a teammate.”

Off the volleyball court, Sydney is also involved with Business Professionals of America, Pirates Assisting Citizens Everywhere, and the Native American Students Association. She is also a member of the Northeast Tech National Honor Society.

Sydney says her future plans are in the medical field.

“I am going to get certified in phlebotomy and pharmaceutical tech assistant from Northeast Tech and then go to college and be able to go work in a hospital through college for experience mostly and next go to medical school to work towards my ultimate goal with a doctorate in anesthesiology and/or biochemical engineering.”

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