Colcord's Blake Gonzales – Northeast Tech Athlete of the Month

NE Tech

By Derrick Smith

Blake Gonzales is a junior in high school but he already has his sights set on his future, thanks to Northeast Tech. Gonzales attends Colcord High School, where he is a member of the Hornet’s football teams and also does powerlifting. He has played football since fifth grade and began powerlifting his freshman year.

The reason Blake began both sports was because of family members.

“I wanted to be a professional football player growing up because all the stories my dad told me about him in high school,” he said. “My brother fell in love with powerlifting so I tried it freshman year and fell in love as well.”

Gonzales says that the reason he enjoys playing sports is because of the comradery that they have.

“Sometimes, as a team, we have adversity,” he said. “These guys on the team are my brothers and I always have their backs and I know they have mine.”

Blake’s brother, Zackery, is the biggest influence on his life, according to Gonzales.

Robert Blake Gonzales

“He always pushes me to be the best me in what I do. When adversity hits, he tells me to get back up and try again.”

At Northeast Tech, Blake is a part of the Electrical Technology Program. He was first introduced to the program before he was in high school, a knew it was what he wanted to do.

“Our eighth grade class took a tour of Northeast Tech,” he said. And from the moment we heard about it, my buddy, Kaiden Osbourn and I wanted to take the Electrical Technology Program.”

Blake has enjoyed the Electrical Technology program because it is preparing him for the future.

“Northeast Tech is preparing me to be successful,” he stated. “They have given me the room to blossom in my career and also the knowledge that I will have a part to play in whatever company I go to.”

And he says that Northeast Tech is great no matter what you are wanting to do.

“Whether you are into welding, health, electrical, business, or automotive, it is a creative atmosphere. Once you are in, you are part of the family, no matter what.”

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